Our regular home team season has ended, but wait, there’s more! We have two more exciting nights of action coming to the Canterbury Expo Center.


Come check out our February 22nd double-header. NSRD travel teams Supernovas and Northern Lights have created mixer teams to square off against each other to prepare for their upcoming season. Then see the exciting action as North Star Roller Derby mixes it up with Des Moines Roller Derby.

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Mark your calendars for March 21st where all your favorite skaters will be playing in a double-header mixer! First match up is Pew Pews v. Zap Zaps. Second game is Black Holes v. Sonic Booms.

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Say hello to North Star Roller Derby!

We have transitioned our name to NSRD. We think this new name better embodies the values of our membership, as well as the WFTDA. Girls as a label is not always comfortable for all our members, so we’ve decided to make the switch.  We feel roller derby represents all those that help us empower our community and promote athleticism whether skater, official, staff or fan.
While our moniker may be a little different, you can expect the same hard-hitting action and community focused efforts you’ve been so supportive of.