115 Juris Prudence

# 115

Juris Prudence, Kilmore Girls, North Star Roller Derby

Surrender the ME for the WE


Number: 115
Nickname: JP, Juris
Hometown: Big Lake, MN
Real Life Job: Teacher

Team(s): North Star Supernovas, Kilmores
Athletic Background: Softball, basketball, cheerleading
Awards and Accolades: BAMF Kilmore Girls 2015 and 2016, Fan Favorite Blocker 2016, Kilmore Girls Captain
Most Memorable Derby Moment: The travel team trip to Omaha in 2015. We all got to try the mechanical bull. It was the first time I really knew I belonged at NSRG.
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? Eat breakfast (2 waffles with PB and syrup, a banana and one egg), shave my legs, Turkey sub from Subway for lunch, and I listen to music.
Any Derby Related Metal? NO!!

Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Kristin Wiig
Favorite Movie Quote: “There’s no crying in baseball!”