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ReWa RockU

I’m gonna make it do what it do.


Number: B00M

Nickname: Rewa / Boom / Boomer

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Wherever I find cherished family & friends
Real Life Job:Assistant Manager for Verge Apartments (Saturday Properties)

Team(s): The Kilmore Girls  2013 – Present / The Northern Lights – Travel Team B-Squad 2016-2017
Athletic Background: Basketball, Softball, Track, and as a kid I roller-skated ALL the time!
Awards and Accolades: Narwhal Extraordinaire 2012, Rookie of the Year 2013-14, Kilmore Team Spirit 2013-14, Kilmore Team Spirit 2014-15
Most Memorable Derby Moment: Doing a thang after my 2nd fibula break last season!
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? I keep it zen: I have a bowl of oatmeal & a couple of hard-boiled eggs, then some fruit, watch some cartoons or a favorite show on Hulu or Netflix…send a couple of SnapChats, then it’s Bout time..
Any Derby Related Metal? A plate & 7 screws in my left fibula. #TeamBionic

Favorite Movie Genre: Psychological Thrillers
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? Lauryn Hill
Favorite Movie Quote: “I’m your huckleberry” -Doc Holiday, Tombstone