8114 Sally Bangs

# 8114




Derby Nickname: Sally (unless you’re Raffi or Miko, then it’s Bangs)
Real Life Job: 
Graphic Designer

Athletic Background: My mom forced me to play volleyball for one season in 8th grade…I cried every game. I did do some dance in high school, but other than that was pretty slovenly before derby.
Awards and Accolades: 
Satellites ‘most improved’ skater in 2018
Most Memorable Derby Moment: 
Scoring some points in the Rookie Scrimmage
What’s Your Bout Day Routine? 
get up too early, panic, eat a bunch, panic more, try to drink water
Any Derby Related Metal: 
Favorite Derby Moment:
Favorite Movie Genre: 
True crime documentaries
What Actor Would Play You in a Movie of Your Life? 
Paul Rudd
Favorite Movie Quote / Line: 
“I’ve had about three Red Bulls in the last 15 minutes…and I feel fabulous! We’re gonna create a new life and it’s gonna be awesome!”